The Best Freebies for Designers (May 2013)

Published a little bit later than expected, here are the best freebies for designers from last month (May). We have free GUI templates, icon sets, fonts, Photoshop actions, PSD templates, textures… and everything else inbetween.

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Sensei: Why you might not need a WordPress Membership Site

It’s possible you’ve read my post about e-learning and how I recommended WP Courseware. Or read my post comparing the various e-learning plugins for WordPress, including Sensei, WP Courseware and Premise. Either way, you know I’ve been a bigger fan of WP Courseware than of Sensei.

But over the last several months, the guys at WooThemes have been constantly improving Sensei – to the point that some of the glitches I experienced when I reviewed it last have disappeared. That’s always a good thing.

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Using Data to design the Levels of your WordPress Membership Site

One of the most commonly missed aspects of designing a WordPress membership site is the determination of levels.

I know it feels like a boring topic, but the determination and design of the levels of your WordPress membership site can really help your revenue. But because it’s boring, people rarely look at it.

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Is your Pricing Grid hurting Conversion?

Last night I was reviewing a web site. It was a great site and I know the folks that run it. Solid stuff. But I noticed a mistake they were making. And this morning, I did a quick scan of some of the sites I worked on last year, and guess what? I had made the same mistake.

Before I walk thru it, let me highlight how I caught it. We’ve all been to sites that show us the pricing comparisons of various plans, right?

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Third Places & Your Blog


A third place is a leveling place. It’s where everyone’s equal. Think beer gardens. No one cares what kind of watch you’re wearing, how nice your shoes are, or what you’re drinking (just don’t order cranberry juice).

It’s more than just a leveling place. It’s where crowds gather. They meet to talk. First places (home) and second places (work) can end up isolating us. Third places unite us.

So let me ask you this….

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More Thoughts on Pricing

Dollar Smile

Whether it was the sixty seven comments on my last pricing post, or the fact that it spawned two more articles from others about WordPress plugin prices, it’s clear that pricing is not only a hot topic but a challenging one.

Phil makes the case that you need to price for value – and he’s right. Unfortunately, the challenge is that no two people are alike, and they don’t all value things equally. This is the challenge that Jeff highlights when he mentions that he would hate to see Gravity Forms raise their single site license to a higher rate.

He’s highlighting that the value of the plugin is different if you’re an end user with a single site, compared to a serious developer creating tons of sites using this plugin on all of them.

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Passive Income Strategies aren’t very Passive

Not all of you spent late nights like me watching television. Not all of you watched infomercials that made incredible promises that sounded too good to be true. And not all of you had that deep desire, going way back, to be rich and “make it” in today’s world.

Sure you can create a membership site. You can even attach it to an e-commerce site and collect money while you sleep. So in that sense, you can make money while you sleep. But there’s more to that story…isn’t there?

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Add A Featured Image From A URL

Sometimes you need to dynamically add a featured image to a post or a custom post type from another server than the one your WordPress install is running. And you’re facing a common issue: how to do it?

Of course in this case, you need to grab the featured image from the second server, download it to your own server, in the upload folder, and assign it to the correct post. In the first step we are going to create a new post dynamically, and then we’ll deal with the featured image.

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Best Practices in Conversion Rate Optimization Aren’t Always Best

Conversion Rate Optimization

Intuition: it’s really a wonderful thing. Sometimes it can ‘show us the way’ and will lead us to make the right decisions. But sometimes, it’s so flawed that we wonder how we could ever have made that choice. The key to making the right decisions is not to ask whether or not to listen to your intuition, but to know when you should (not) trust it.

Conversion rate optimization is one of those cases where your guts can lead you astray. Today we’ll explore some examples of some counter-intuitive findings in CRO where best practices weren’t always ‘best’.

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How Content Marketing Helped the Businesses of Famous Web Designers

Content Marketing

Are you missing out on the benefits of content marketing? Most likely yes, you are.

Does it even actually work as good as everyone is saying it does? No, content marketing works even better than what you have heard about it.

As long as you use it wisely and don’t shoot blind. So here are four guys from the web and graphic design industry who will make your doubts disappear.

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