4 ways to get good WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

This article will help you to decide to choose the best source for your WordPress themes. Of course you can use the WordPress default theme, but your website has to fit you isn’t it? Besides the default theme, you can create your own theme, download free themes, buy themes or let someone develop a personalized theme. Budget is also relevant here.

You all know that is it important to have an attractive website. When it looks nice and professional, people tend to stay longer and will remember your site better. And you never have a second change to make a good first impression!

What functionality does your template have to support?

One of the most difficult things is to find the best theme for your website. It has to match with the type of articles you write, it has to contain space for all content types you want to deliver and it has to enable people to navigate through all content in a natural way. So before you start looking for themes, first write down what your theme should support and what exact demands you have. This will give you the certainty that you will not have to choose a new theme during the process of putting content on your website because your first chosen theme does not support all needed content types. So first make a plan and execute after that.

Do it yourself

If you are handy, you can work with Photoshop (for example) and you are able to write HTML and some PHP, you can create the theme yourself. Checkout this handy guides!

Use free WordPress themes

For a lot of people this looks like the most perfect option, because there is no budget involved. And yes, to start a new website, experience with content, setting up a low cost solution for a small group, this is a good fit. But before you click the ‘Free themes’-links, please check out my story at the premium themes!

Use premium WordPress themes

Why paying for a theme when there are lots of free ones? Here is why:

  • A premium theme comes with support. When you have a bug, the developer will fix it for you
  • In general, premium themes are more mature and are responsive (fit for mobile, small and big screens)
  • Premium themes mostly have added values like handy shortcodes, gallery support and control panels for easy configuration
  • And last but not least, they are more beautiful

Checkout these premium theme providers for affordable themes:

  • Elegant Themes (My personal favourite, it delivers more than 80 themes for one price with a very mature configuration panel and a lot of standardization in all themes)
  • Mojo themes (A market place with different authors. The themes are categorized in frameworks and types)
  • Theme Forrest (Lots of themes, a market place with different authors. Is also able to sell you the exclusive rights for a theme)
  • SMThemes (delivers themes for free which contains ads and links, but you can buy the theme with the ads removed. Is a good option to first try a theme)
  • StudioPress (Nice Themes built with a standardized framework, called Genesis)

WordPress Theme development

This is the most expensive, time consuming and complex option. But sometimes your website have to be really unique and it is a real enabler for your sales. In this case you, or a graphic designer, will design your website and a developer will ‘themify’ it. I personally suggest that you find a designer and developer locally because of the good interaction, but also online there is a big market for this. Check these out!



Benjamin de Jong writes Smart Internet Applications based on WordPress. He is active on Twitter with several Twitter accounts about WordPress and has a day job at KPN in the Netherlands where he is an IT Consultant.