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Give Clients the Power to Self-Manage and Update Their WordPress Sites

Self Service

To developers, the WordPress admin interface is really simple and intuitive, particularly considering the amount of trouble we go through to make things behave like they should.

I found out a lot of clients that were excited about having their own self-powered CMS, freaked out when trying to change a piece of content or simply weren’t using it at all. It still wasn’t easy or intuitive enough.

Now imagine having a single place where your client can edit exactly what he needs: a couple of testimonials, update their logo or favicon, changing the copyright footer text, managing the slideshow on the homepage or give them some textareas where to insert their ads.

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Do the words “WordPress Marketing Automation” go together?

About a decade ago I worked with a startup that was building software that ran on kiosks in the mall. Who knows, maybe you played one of our little games.

It was the first time I learned of behavioral segmentation. You see, in the enterprise software game you don’t hear the request to track behavior for the purposes of making an offer. Instead, you hear about tracking behavior so they can fire people. That’s a different kind of behavioral segmentation and the only thing I was aware of.

Anyway, this software ran on kiosks in malls and in Target stores. You’d see the kiosk, play some flash games, and at the end, you’d win some coupons. Of course the trick was that as you played games, you were telling the software more and more about you, and that’s what drove the offers that would be displayed.

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Your WordPress Skills Can Change The World

You’re a talented WordPress developer or designer. Let’s be honest, you’re pretty popular these days. You’ve got skills that are needed far and wide. The only question is: How will you use them?

How about saving the world? I’m only kind of overstating it. The fact is, thousands of nonprofits are tackling our country’s biggest challenges and doing incredible work to improve their communities. But…they have few resources at their disposal.

At Taproot Foundation, we engage the nation’s professionals to use their talents pro bono to support organizations like these that are focused on social change. The number one request we get from nonprofits is for pro bono support to build a new website.

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The different approaches for WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

This article will explain what you have to do to start WordPress Hosting. It does not matter if you know WordPress already or you are really new to it. And I promise you: every person is able to be the proud owner of a WordPress website! – SEO tips and WordPress tweaks

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