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How To: Migrate Your Site to WordPress from HTML, Joomla and Drupal


These tips covering migrating to WordPress from another platform aim to help make the transition as painless as possible. While there is no denying the task can be a daunting one, it is also an excellent opportunity to revaluate your existing site and update its design, organisational structure and clean up any errant code.

Depending on the current format of your site, whether it is a flat HTML website or is using another CMS like Joomla or Drupal, the process for migration will be different. However, by following these WordPress migration tips you can do your best to ensure it goes off without a hitch, while taking the opportunity to improve your site.

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Give Clients the Power to Self-Manage and Update Their WordPress Sites

Self Service

To developers, the WordPress admin interface is really simple and intuitive, particularly considering the amount of trouble we go through to make things behave like they should.

I found out a lot of clients that were excited about having their own self-powered CMS, freaked out when trying to change a piece of content or simply weren’t using it at all. It still wasn’t easy or intuitive enough.

Now imagine having a single place where your client can edit exactly what he needs: a couple of testimonials, update their logo or favicon, changing the copyright footer text, managing the slideshow on the homepage or give them some textareas where to insert their ads.

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WordPress Hacked! – What Should I Do?


HELP! My WordPress website got hacked! What should I do next?

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system and this makes it a popular target for both amateur and professional hackers.

Unfortunately, every day people go through the shock of discovering that their site has been hacked. After the initial shock, panic usually kicks in.

Oh my God, my website has been hacked, what can I do now? What should I do?

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6 movies to launch a WordPress site in less than an hour


1. Introduction, 2. Installing WordPress For Beginners, 3. Changing Your Sites Appearance, 4. Adding a Single Page, 5. Create a Blog Page For Posts, 6. Add a Image Gallery

Best Plugins to Hide WordPress

A number of plugins are sprouting up, and their sole purpose is to hide the fact that you use WordPress. What’s the reason for doing that?

The number one reason is security. By obscuring your WordPress installation, you protect your site from brute force and mass hacking attempts, where large numbers of URLs are scanned in search for WP installations to attack.

Here are the best WordPress plugins for hiding the important aspects that hackers look after:

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WordPress Security – An Infographic

Here’s a very interesting infographic I came across today and would like to share with you. It’s about WordPress security, and really puts things in perspective.

We also recently started offering WordPress security services such as hack cleanups, security audits and security lockdowns, do check them out if you’d like to make sure your WordPress site is 100% secure.

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The different approaches for WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

This article will explain what you have to do to start WordPress Hosting. It does not matter if you know WordPress already or you are really new to it. And I promise you: every person is able to be the proud owner of a WordPress website! – WordPress Section

This extended category of features quality articles about developing clean, smart and fast websites with WordPress. The articles are intermediate level, with an emphasis on practical, hands-on discussions related to WordPress