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Ninja Popups WordPress Plugin


Ninja Popups is a customizable popups creator for WordPress. With this plugin you can effortlessly create popups on your website for newsletter subscriptions, social follows, recommended or related items, and much more.

Popups are a fantastic way to grab readers’ attention, and Ninja Popups makes it easy to add custom popups to your website. The plugin gives you lots of great popup options that are mobile ready, fully translatable and full of features. Add popups that lock content until a reader subscribes or shares. Or add popups for special deals, discounts, or coupon codes. The possibilities are endless. One of the neatest features are the statistics Ninja Popups privudes to show you which popups are helping and which can go.

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Third Places & Your Blog


A third place is a leveling place. It’s where everyone’s equal. Think beer gardens. No one cares what kind of watch you’re wearing, how nice your shoes are, or what you’re drinking (just don’t order cranberry juice).

It’s more than just a leveling place. It’s where crowds gather. They meet to talk. First places (home) and second places (work) can end up isolating us. Third places unite us.

So let me ask you this….

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WordPress hacks and snippets to efficiently reduce spam


Spam is a nuisance and every blogger have to deal with it. As a WordPress user, I bet you already use Akismet, which is definitely a great way to reduce spam. But several other tricks can definitely help. Here are my favorite WordPress hacks and code snippets to reduce spam on your blog.

Have you ever noticed that most spam comments have a very long url? So a good way to catch more spam comments which haven’t been caught by Akismet is to automatically mark as spam comments with an url longer than 50 characters.

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Automatically link Twitter usernames in WordPress

Are you using Twitter a lot? Today’s recipe is a cool piece of code to automatically link Twitter usernames on your posts, pages, and comments.

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Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Contact forms are essential on pretty much any website, and while WordPress does not have any in-built functionality to create such forms, there are a number of form builder plugins that are perfect for this purpose. In fact, some of them are much more than contact form creators, you can build any kind of form with them, including questionnaires and polls. Lets take a look at the best contact form plugins.

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