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A Guide to Choosing a New WordPress Theme

With thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes available online, searching for the right design can be both tiring and time-consuming. It is in your best interests to be patient to ensure you get the correct design.

So what is the correct design? Well, it depends on what you like, what you need, and what you want. Everyone is looking for something different, however many people aren’t sure what to actually look for. Therefore, today I would like to share with you 10 things that you should look for when searching for a suitable WordPress design.

I hope this will aid you in your search for the perfect WordPress theme

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The Ten Best WordPress Blogs Around

Some people say that the age of the RSS reader is coming to an end — that people are now finding alternative ways to consume content. Well as far as I am concerned, RSS is going nowhere. It is certainly my primary means of consuming content on the web and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Which brings me to the countless WordPress resources I am subscribed to on Feedly (what with Google Reader going the way of the dodo). Because I write about WordPress on a regular basis I need to keep my ear to the ground, which means I need to see what just about every popular (or less than popular) WordPress blog is writing about.

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Give Clients the Power to Self-Manage and Update Their WordPress Sites

Self Service

To developers, the WordPress admin interface is really simple and intuitive, particularly considering the amount of trouble we go through to make things behave like they should.

I found out a lot of clients that were excited about having their own self-powered CMS, freaked out when trying to change a piece of content or simply weren’t using it at all. It still wasn’t easy or intuitive enough.

Now imagine having a single place where your client can edit exactly what he needs: a couple of testimonials, update their logo or favicon, changing the copyright footer text, managing the slideshow on the homepage or give them some textareas where to insert their ads.

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How To Add A Second Style Sheet In Your Theme


In this tutorial, i’ll show you how to create and add a second style.css file in your theme. You can add the style sheet to your parent theme however its best practice to add it in your child theme. You can also use the second style sheet to style multiple pages or posts by adding a conditional tag to the code.

If you’re planning on making big changes to one or more pages on your site, which is different to the main style.css file, this is a good option.

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Blog Exercises: Under the Hood Spring Cleaning

Peter Smith reminds us that too many WordPress Themes is a waste of resources. Today, I feature his post to remind us all to clean up our sites under the hood.

I had about 15 to 20 themes installed at anytime. Granted there is no need to have so many themes on self-hosted site. Should not use up server resources like this. This also could be said for WordPress plugins…

When using WordPress, we tend to use only one WordPress Theme, switching to a new one when we make a site design change, something most people do every couple years or so. After all, we worked hard to find the design we wanted, maybe tweaked with it. We’re not switching Themes daily, so why do we have dozens of WordPress Themes installed doing nothing?

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How to use WordPress shortcodes in theme files

WordPress shortcodes are very useful and easy to use. But unfortunately, you can only shortcodes in post/page editor, not theme files. But there’s a little trick to do it easily. Just read on!

To use a shortcode in a theme file, simply use the do_shortcode() function as shown below;

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4 ways to get good WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

This article will help you to decide to choose the best source for your WordPress themes. Of course you can use the WordPress default theme, but your website has to fit you isn’t it? Besides the default theme, you can create your own theme, download free themes, buy themes or let someone develop a personalized theme. Budget is also relevant here.