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New Plugin for Showing LinkedIn Groups in WordPress


A new plugin has just been released that allows you to show LinkedIn group information directly on your WordPress site. The plugin is called LinkedIn Groups for WP and is great news for group owners who want to show information about their group on their site.

The plugin uses short-codes to show group information on pages or posts, and a widget to show group discussions in any sidebar area. The information that can be shown is:

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How to Add Facebook Recommendation Bar in WordPress

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world. This is why many websites integrate with Facebook in various different ways such as by adding a facebook like box, facebook comments, facebook like button, and facebook send button. Many websites claim that by adding these social elements they were able to increase user engagement. In this article, we will show you how to add facebook recommendation bar in WordPress, so you can further increase the engagement on your site. Facebook recommendation bar adds a like button at the bottom of the screen which expands as a user scroll downs and show them articles they might want to read on your website.

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How to Add a Facebook Follow Button for Authors in WordPress

Not every blog needs a facebook fan page. If you have a personal blog, then you can easily use your Facebook profile and the subscription feature to allow users to follow you on facebook. Similar to the like box, facebook offers a follow button for users to use on their websites. Recently, one of users asked us how to add a Facebook follow button in WordPress. In this article we will show you how to add a Facebook follow button for authors in WordPress.

For single author blogs, you can just get the code from Facebook Social plugins page and paste it in your templates or a widget. On the other hand sites with multiple authors have to take few more steps.

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Automatically link Twitter usernames in WordPress

Are you using Twitter a lot? Today’s recipe is a cool piece of code to automatically link Twitter usernames on your posts, pages, and comments.

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Making WordPress Apps ready for Facebook

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to integrate their WordPress sites into Facebook applications and fan pages. Although this tutorial is not about how to make an integration, it will explain some smart code techniques that can be implemented for a Facebook-specific view.

Facebook and other websites have specific policies about what not to do on Facebook and this tutorial will show you just exactly how you can obey these policies.

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