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How Website Optimization Can Save You From The Google Penguin Update?

Are you doing any website optimization? If you have not, you better do as the next Google Penguin Update is on it’s way. Don’t freak out as this article will explain in detail how you can prepare for the next Google Update (and probably rank better with the correct search engine optimization techniques).

As we all know, the latest Google Penguin update was rolled out recently (22nd May 2013 to be exact). Many websites were affected from the update including some of mine.

I was lucky that I managed to run several test websites prior to the Google update and let me share with you how website optimization can save your website from all the negative things Google Penguin can throw at you.

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Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Dummies – Reginald Chan

What do you know about search engine optimization or SEO in short? Do you really know what SEO really are and how it can affect you?

I talk about SEO, think about SEO, eat with SEO and bathe with SEO but I am no SEO expert. And if you are looking for a SEO guru, I am not your man. Why?!

Because I am not going to lie to you what I know about search engine optimization techniques and how you can use SEO for your own good. And, this is not a sales thread…not now, not in the future in my books.

If you’re reading this, then good as we are on the same page now. So let’s go with our first lesson (and my first SEO post here) on search engine optimization, shall we?

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Best Practices in Conversion Rate Optimization Aren’t Always Best

Conversion Rate Optimization

Intuition: it’s really a wonderful thing. Sometimes it can ‘show us the way’ and will lead us to make the right decisions. But sometimes, it’s so flawed that we wonder how we could ever have made that choice. The key to making the right decisions is not to ask whether or not to listen to your intuition, but to know when you should (not) trust it.

Conversion rate optimization is one of those cases where your guts can lead you astray. Today we’ll explore some examples of some counter-intuitive findings in CRO where best practices weren’t always ‘best’.

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Add more placeholder tags to WordPress SEO plugin

WordPress SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It’s very flexible in customizing meta title using placeholder tags like %%title%%, %%sitename%%. The problem is the list of placeholder tags are fixed and sometimes not satisfy our needs. For example, we can’t show value of a custom field (post meta) in the title! In this post I’ll show you a way to add more placeholder tags and a complete solution (a flexible one) that you can use to show any custom field in the meta title.

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