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Hardening WordPress


Security in WordPress is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren’t taken. This article will go through some common forms of vulnerabilities, and the things you can do to help keep your WordPress installation secure.

Your WordPress Backup does not work!


There are lots of backup solutions for WordPress, which is good. WordPress Backups are important and assure you that you won’t loose your valuable content. But what surprises me is that almost no one is talking about restores. A WordPress restore is the real goal for the WordPress backup. You won’t be the first that will find out that not all data is backupped after you had to recover a WordPress backup. That’s why I am writing this article.

How To Remove Comment Form Allowed Tags


One of the first things I noticed when converting my Genesis child theme from XHTML to HTML 5 was the changes to the comment form. By default, WordPress includes comment form allowed tags in the source code.

The problem I have found with these tags is that they can attract spam comments which include HTML links.

This may have something to do with the fact the source code for the comments form includes code which can be easily scanned by link posting spam bots.

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WordPress Hacked! – What Should I Do?


HELP! My WordPress website got hacked! What should I do next?

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system and this makes it a popular target for both amateur and professional hackers.

Unfortunately, every day people go through the shock of discovering that their site has been hacked. After the initial shock, panic usually kicks in.

Oh my God, my website has been hacked, what can I do now? What should I do?

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