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Your WordPress Backup does not work!


There are lots of backup solutions for WordPress, which is good. WordPress Backups are important and assure you that you won’t loose your valuable content. But what surprises me is that almost no one is talking about restores. A WordPress restore is the real goal for the WordPress backup. You won’t be the first that will find out that not all data is backupped after you had to recover a WordPress backup. That’s why I am writing this article.

How to Add Affiliate Links in WordPress with ThirstyAffiliates

We are often asked about affiliate marketing tips for WordPress powered blogs and websites. What is the secret to affiliate marketing success? What is the best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress? As we have mentioned on our disclosure page that we do make some money at WPBeginner from affiliate links. There is actually no big secret to our affiliate marketing strategy. We only recommend products and services that we use or that we would use. For example, we have recommended Sucuri for WordPress security and monitoring. You can read our article on 5 reasons why we use Sucuri. We have a blueprint page that talks about all the tools/plugins/services that we are using on WPBeginner along with an explanation of why we use them. The only affiliate marketing WordPress plugin that every blogger need is something to manage their affiliate links. In this article, we will show you how to easily manage your affiliate links in WordPress with ThirstyAffiliates.

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Ninja Popups WordPress Plugin


Ninja Popups is a customizable popups creator for WordPress. With this plugin you can effortlessly create popups on your website for newsletter subscriptions, social follows, recommended or related items, and much more.

Popups are a fantastic way to grab readers’ attention, and Ninja Popups makes it easy to add custom popups to your website. The plugin gives you lots of great popup options that are mobile ready, fully translatable and full of features. Add popups that lock content until a reader subscribes or shares. Or add popups for special deals, discounts, or coupon codes. The possibilities are endless. One of the neatest features are the statistics Ninja Popups privudes to show you which popups are helping and which can go.

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The Ten Best WordPress Blogs Around

Some people say that the age of the RSS reader is coming to an end — that people are now finding alternative ways to consume content. Well as far as I am concerned, RSS is going nowhere. It is certainly my primary means of consuming content on the web and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Which brings me to the countless WordPress resources I am subscribed to on Feedly (what with Google Reader going the way of the dodo). Because I write about WordPress on a regular basis I need to keep my ear to the ground, which means I need to see what just about every popular (or less than popular) WordPress blog is writing about.

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Best Hotel Reservation Plugins for WordPress

Many hotels, hostels, guesthouses and businesses in the hospitality business are building their website with WordPress. Naturally they will also be looking at ways of incorporating a booking or reservation system into their website.

Here are the best options I’ve found:

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How to Add a News Ticker in WordPress

News tickers sometimes referred to as slides are located at the bottom of most television news networks to highlight breaking news, daily trends, etc. You can use a news ticker on your WordPress website to highlight special deals, popular posts, or anything else. In this article, we will show you how to add a rotating or scrolling news ticker in WordPress.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Ditty News Ticker plugin. Upon activation, the plugin adds a News Ticker menu item in your WordPress admin. Bring your mouse over to the menu item and click on the Add New link to add a news ticker.

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WordPress Plugin Prices Are Too Low

I’ll admit it, I’m on a mission. Just like you are. Only mine is righteous and yours is evil. Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme.

I spend my afternoons and evenings working with startups, and these days many of them are in the WordPress community. It’s easier for me that way – there’s more natural consolidation and alignment than if my coaching were with other startups and I still spent time writing and using WordPress.

In just about every call I’ve had in the last two weeks, I’ve noticed a trend. It’s a scary one.

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When should you NOT release premium WordPress plugins?

If you’ve spent a lot of time on my site, you know I like to write about new product development and WordPress. I also write about pricing. So you might easily come to the conclusion that I would be completely behind the business dynamic of always selling premium WordPress plugins. Guess what? You’d be wrong.

When I write “premium WordPress plugins” I’m simply talking about a plugin you charge for. And when I say you’d be wrong, I’m saying that I don’t always believe monetizing the plugin itself is the right course of action.

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New Plugin for Showing LinkedIn Groups in WordPress


A new plugin has just been released that allows you to show LinkedIn group information directly on your WordPress site. The plugin is called LinkedIn Groups for WP and is great news for group owners who want to show information about their group on their site.

The plugin uses short-codes to show group information on pages or posts, and a widget to show group discussions in any sidebar area. The information that can be shown is:

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How to Create a To-Do List in WordPress

Each day people are finding innovative ways to use WordPress. One of these innovative uses of WordPress is for collaboration and productivity. There are many WordPress themes and plugins that make collaboration on WordPress easier. We have already written about Editorial Workflow, When it comes to productivity, WordPress has solutions like Edit Flow, Document Management, and Post forking. However, nothing boosts productivity more than a good old fashioned to-do list. In this article, we will show you how to create a to-do list in WordPress.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Cleverness To-Do List plugin. Upon activation the plugin adds a new “To-Do List” menu item in your WordPress admin bar. Clicking on it will take you to the To-Do list page where you can add new items to your list.

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