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WordPress 3.7 – Interesting details on this update

WordPress 3.7 - Basie

Everyone knows that the new version of WordPress, 3.7, contains an automatic update mechanism, a better password complexity indicator, better global support (language) and improved search functionality. But hey! What are better passwords, why do I want improved search functionality, what does better international support for me and what other handy tricks do I have to know? Interesting details on this update;

A Guide to Choosing a New WordPress Theme

With thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes available online, searching for the right design can be both tiring and time-consuming. It is in your best interests to be patient to ensure you get the correct design.

So what is the correct design? Well, it depends on what you like, what you need, and what you want. Everyone is looking for something different, however many people aren’t sure what to actually look for. Therefore, today I would like to share with you 10 things that you should look for when searching for a suitable WordPress design.

I hope this will aid you in your search for the perfect WordPress theme

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How To: Migrate Your Site to WordPress from HTML, Joomla and Drupal


These tips covering migrating to WordPress from another platform aim to help make the transition as painless as possible. While there is no denying the task can be a daunting one, it is also an excellent opportunity to revaluate your existing site and update its design, organisational structure and clean up any errant code.

Depending on the current format of your site, whether it is a flat HTML website or is using another CMS like Joomla or Drupal, the process for migration will be different. However, by following these WordPress migration tips you can do your best to ensure it goes off without a hitch, while taking the opportunity to improve your site.

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How to Migrate from Drupal to WordPress Coding-Free: a Guide for Non-Programmers


Comparing Drupal to WordPress closely resembles the comparison between a reflex digital camera and a good mirror less one. While the reflex cam is certainly a must for a professional photographer, who can do wonders with it, the same cam might be too complicated for a person who needs it mostly for taking family pictures. What’s more, a reflex cam can turn out a total nightmare taking much worse pictures than an ordinary cam if you don’t know how to use it properly and screw up the settings. So, it’s all about the purpose and the skills, not the rating or price.

Drupal, as well as WordPress, is one of the top most widely used CMSs in the world, and it could be #1 if you look at its flexibility and power. But, like with a cam, it might be too much for a website run by a non-coder. Essentially, the main reason why people quit Drupal is they find themselves managing content (its technical side) rather than creating content, which should be vice versa (that’s what content management systems have been developed for).

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4 ways to get good WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

This article will help you to decide to choose the best source for your WordPress themes. Of course you can use the WordPress default theme, but your website has to fit you isn’t it? Besides the default theme, you can create your own theme, download free themes, buy themes or let someone develop a personalized theme. Budget is also relevant here.

The different approaches for WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

This article will explain what you have to do to start WordPress Hosting. It does not matter if you know WordPress already or you are really new to it. And I promise you: every person is able to be the proud owner of a WordPress website!